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The 45 KING turntable 2 in 1 pro heavyweight has been specially developed to stabilize all vinyl records including 7" 12" LP records and improves playback.

Heavy weight contact pressed flat against the record and platter reduces unwanted resonances and record vibrations, improves bass response, tightens mids, controls highs - improving playback of warped records and sonics.

Optimised playback of your records.

With real 45 Players in mind, this heavyweight slots over a 7" adapter (included) - enabling control over 7" 45's, giving superior handling and improved mid-range, high frequency, bass response playback detailed sound.

Premium quality turntable heavyweights for vinyl connoisseur home use and club DJs. The 45 Central King also covers up record labels, so ideal for exclusive secret 'cover up' DJs and elusive vinyl play.

45 KING Heavyweight (373 grams) + slot in 7" adapter (29 grams)
Total weight : 402 grams
Heavyweight : 40 mm height

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* CUSTOMISE TAG OPTION : PERSONALISE YOUR 45 KING for £25 extra - Get your 'Full name' or 'DJ name' or 'Short message' customised and engraved on the top flat area of a 45 KING weight - Email your order request: [email protected]


- Greater contact fit & sound performance
- Play vintage 7" juke-box records on all audio hi-fi & turntable brands
- Luxury solid high grade aluminium design, not hollow moulded
- Heavyweight design for smooth slide on 7" vinyl play feature
- As recommended by leading international DJs

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