Worldwide, from London to Paris, across New York and beyond the far east in Tokyo, our FINEST quality 45 adapters are designed for demanding DJs and vinyl enthusiasts to SMOOTHLY play 7” records rather than use cheap hollow made metal, lightweight plastic or wooden imitations. 

Each SOLID design is CNC PRECISION MADE from HEAVYWEIGHT polished high grade aluminium to ensure PERFECT contact fit inside  7” vinyl cut-out hole jukebox singles giving GREATER PLAYBACK and sound performance everytime.

In 1950, the first 45rpm record adapter was made by Webster Electric Company of Chicago. The insert concept evolved into a plastic thing also known as the 'spider’, 'middle', 'center' that slotted in the middle of a dinked 7” record so it would play on a turntable - the format became a kind of near-extinct artifact of vinyl history. 

Since then, with a little enthusiasm, time, skill and design, 45 Central has pioneered the ultimate aluminium crafted luxury range to the HIGHEST QUALITY making a RICHER spinning experience for the 45 vinyl connoisseur.

* THE world’s No.1 spindle adapter range
* GREATER contact fit & sound performance
* EASY grip and flip slide on & off 7" fast play feature
* CRAFTED for spinning with all audio turntable brands
* SOLID heavyweight polished high grade aluminium

PERSONALISE YOUR 45 CLASSIC : Get your 'Full name' or 'DJ name' or 'Short message' etched on a 45 TORNADO adapter - Email your order request: [email protected]

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