As recommended by leading worldwide club DJs, record labels, Hi-Fi World, Metro, Telegraph Magazine and Star Wax.

 “Simply the best - solid, reliable & precision made for the professional DJ” DJ JAZZMAN GERALD - Jazzman Records

 “"Beautifully engineered, helps the art of playing vinyl much more pleasurable for the 7", 10" and Maxi / LP that I have the pleasure of buying and playing for every one's enjoyment. Treat yourself to some class” DJ KET SHAH - Mucho Soul ( Totally Wired Radio )

"I love all those dope 45 adapters" DJ KENNY DOPE - Kay-Dee Records

“At last a set of adapters have been born that are so damn easy to use & behave themselves. Hoooray for 45 Central”         DJ KEB DARGE - Deep Funk ( Soho Radio )

“Very very nice, ideal for the little label vinyl gems” DR BOB JONES - Bbe

“Wow” DJ JOEY NEGRO - The Sunburst Band

45 Central Bullet most trusted for us” SOUL 45 DJs

“Great spinners - invest in a pair” DJ PERRY LOUIS - Messin’ Around

"45 Central is a strong range superbly made from solid aluminium & finished to a very high standard" HI-FI WORLD

“The easiest for changing records at high speed in a club environment. Solid enough & shaped to get the record on & off quickly, these are the best” DJ BROCKENBLUE BOOGALOO - Sub City Radio

“Every 7” should have one” DJ GREG WILSON - Credit To The Edit

"I absolutely love the Bullets - they travel with me everywhere, these are the 1210‘s of middles, the sleekest, most accurate & stable middles I’ve ever used" DJ GRIFF - Jelly Jazz

“These are great for the turntable” DJ AL KENT - Million Dollar Disco

“Superb companion for rare 7" singles & very important indeed for vinyl preservation” DJ MASTER J - Soul Am

“Solid & stylish, 45 Central are at the middle of every good 45 I play!" DJ SPIN DOCTOR - Doctors Orders

"45 Central adapters are a great product. Make sure u have some in your bag at all times!" DJ MO FINGAZ - Itch Fm

“Very nice vinyl adapters” DJ RALPH TEE - Expansion Records

"A range of good looking spindle adapters for the 45 vinyl connoisseur. Crafted from heavy, solid aluminium they offer better performance & user satisfaction than hollow or plastic spindle adapters" - DJ PHILSTER - Funkalicious

“A very special product range” DJ PAUL T - Itchyhandz

“The Bullets are dope” DJ HUW BOWLES - Beyond There

“Throwin’ 45s on the turntables wouldn't be as cool without those 45 Central adapters" DJ FUNKY BOMPA - The Twist

“Super cool” THE COUSINS - Cousins Vinyl

“Cool, ideal for playing all those 7” records” BILL CURTIS - Fatback Band

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